December 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Rubber Soul! (b. 3 Dec, 1965)

“Grass was really influential in a lot of our changes, especially with the writers.  And because they were writing different material, we were playing differently.  We were expanding in all areas of our lives, opening up to a lot of different attitudes…This was the departure record.” Ringo

“We were just getting better, technically and musically, that’s all. Finally we took over the studio.  In the early days we had to take what we were given – we didn’t know how we could get more bass.  We were learning the technique on ‘Rubber Soul.’ We were more precise about making the album, that’s all.” John

“The direction was moving away from the poppy stuff… The early material was directly related to our fans, saying, ‘Please buy this record,’ but now we’d come to a point where we thought, ‘We’ve done that.  Now we can branch out into songs that are more surreal, a little more entertaining.’” Paul

“‘Rubber Soul’ was my favorite album, even at that time.  I think that it was the best one we made; we certainly knew we were making a good album.  We did spend a bit more time on it and tried new things.  But the most important thing about it was that we were suddenly hearing sounds that we weren’t able to hear before.” George

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